Busy, Busy, Busy

There were 9 consecutive days of beautiful weather and I wanted to be outside for everyone of them.  It was the nicest stretch of true spring weather that I can remember since I was a kid. 


Most of my knitting time was occupied with the Not Just Plain Jane Mystery Knit-a-long. I’m knitting it with Be Sweet Cotton Candy (Worsted: 100% Cotton, 130 yards). I was desperately knitting to keep up with the clues (which came out once a week). Now that the fourth and final clue is out, I’ve taken a break from my “?”.  Word on the street is that it is a poncho of sorts.  I still haven’t seen a finished version. 

Everything kind of went on hold (i.e. the blog) while I knitted up a storm to keep up. I have about 200 rows to go.  I’m going to pace myself now.

I started the #26 Cropped Jacket.  I don’t like the picture they have up, so check out some of the finished projects here. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Sock (Sport: 40% Wool, 25% Silk, 25% Nylon (Polyamide), 10% Mohair, 328 yards).  It’s fun to knit.  The color effects is achieved by alternating a main color with a contrast color and using short rows.   It’s really engaging.  This is going to be a class at Westport Yarns this fall.

 My Jane “?” project was by no means a tv/talk project. I decided to knit another one of my Destinations Top Down Pullover. The yarn is Tahki Rosa (Aran: 100% cotton, 93 yards).  I happened to try it on after binding off the body.  The women I was knitting with suggested I leave it as a sleeveless tee.  I think I will.  My mother was trying to figure out how to make it so I could add back the sleeves when the season changes.  (Where do you think I got my habit of never leaving well enough alone?)  That was a boon, to leave it sleeveless. It’s like I have found time on my hands. 

Time to do a stash diving and find yarn for a new project.  I have a few ideas noodling around.

Yes, that’s Harry sitting on Tucker while Tucker (oblivious as usual) continues to gnaw on a log, not a stick, a log.