If it’s Wednesday, then tomorrow is Thursday

OK, so it’s neither of those. It’s Saturday and I’m running behind. Good intentions and all that. I named the post “It it’s Wednesday, then tomorrow is Thursday” because among us there was a bit of confusion as to what day of the week it was.  Never mind the fact that we only meet on Wednesdays. That’s a mere technicality.

Michelle finished the Opal Infinity Scarf that she knit with Araucania Nuble (Fingering: 75% Merino, 25% Silk, 240 yards). It is a mistake rib infinity scarf that you graft in ribbing.  That was an adventure Michelle will soon not forget.  She did a great job though.  You’re looking at the grafted section.

She is making progress with her Not Just Plain Jane Mystery KAL project.  I think of all the yarns I’ve seen it knit with, the Cascade Venezia Worsted is my favorite (Worsted: 70% Merino, 30% Silk, 218 yards).

Her mindless project is a pair of toe up socks for her granddaughter.

Elizabeth was really making time with the Brioche Rib Cardigan until she happened to meausure it against her grandson.  It was 5″ too small.  Elizabeth’s gauge is tighter than the pattern.  She liked this texture better than knit looser. 

She has reconciled herself with taking it out.  Now that she really understands the Brioche stitch, she doesn’t mind as much.  Her only question is why she didn’t measure it against him earlier.

On another note, look how beautifully her sleeve increases are.  Even though the sleeves are knit on the smaller gauge, she is going to leave them until it’s time to knit the yoke.  If they don’t fit nicely into the body, then she’ll take them out.  Otherwise, she’ll forge ahead.

Irene swatched twice, once with a #11 needle (top) and once with a #10.5 needle (bottom).  She much prefers the #10.5 swatch.  Thus she was swatched and ready to begin her Colinette Better than the Rest, Vests kit.

Linda only has a couple more inches till she finishes the body of her Knitting Pure & Simple # 9726 Neck Down Pullover Tunic – Women.  I think she has found her knitting niche, mindless stockinette.  It has been a good go to project for it’s simplicity.

She was fascinated by the concept of the Mystery KAL.  Although Elizabeth likened us to Lemmings, Linda thought it was like going on a cross country trip with only part of the map at a time.  That’s a pretty fair assessment.

It’s also why the blog has been relatively silent for the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been doing my damnedest  to stay current as each new part of the project comes out.  The fourth (and final) piece came today.  Now that the pressure is off to be caught up before more parts arrive, I think I can settle down to my normal (harried) pace.