You could be a brioche savant.

Elizabeth brought her Brioche Rib Cardigan. Since her grandson never sees her working on it, he has been asking about it. This is the type of project that requires your full, undivided attention.  We all know this can be a tall order in a busy household.  When I saw Elizabeth last, she had just started the sleeve.  She had to factor in a double increase which were giving her a really hard time. Lining up the brioche stitches is tricky.

Hearing us talk about barks, burps, and sl one “yaddies”, Lois exclaimed ” I know what I’m never doing!” Then she added, “Unless it turns out that I’m a brioche savant”.  You may have had to be there.  That was very funny.

Lois is working on All Wrapped up, a summer capelet design of mine knit with Berroco Versa (Bulky: 50% Acrylic, 50% Cotton, 81 yards).

Irene joined us for the first time today.  She brought a Colinette kit she bought years ago: Better than the Rest, Vests kit. It included 5 different yarns of Colinette in the colorway, Jay. She swatched with each type of yarn to get a feel for them.  Even though there are four different vest designs, she’s going to modify it to her liking.  She’s going to knit primarily in stockinette and have the bottom of the vest have a rolled edge. 

Barbara finished knitting the cabled front of her Cabled Pullover. She’s knitting the sleeves two at a time.

She shared a sad yarn tale. She knit a swatch with Ella Rae Classic Superwash and decided to wash it (in warm water) and dried it. It shrunk a full inch in height.  When she looked the yarn up on Ravelry she found there were other complaints of the same issue.  I hate when that happens.