Butterflies are free to fly.

Marjolijn finished her linen stitch scarf.  She started out working the pattern as it is written and then went off on her own. It’s really cool how she made it asymmetrical.  I also liked the length of the fringe. 

You know sometimes when making a fringed scarf the edges come out awkwardly short.  Her son didn’t want the fringe to be long, so she cut it to a 1.5″ length.  I think it’s a good solution for awkwardly short fringe situations.  Enough said.

Fun fact:  Marjolijn figured out that this scarf has 36,900 stitches in it (85 rows of 450 stitches). Oy.

She started working on a sampler afghan.  This afghan is knit in five vertical strips then crocheted together.

Marjolijn  brough her Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf  that she is crocheting with Trendsetter Tonalita (Aran: 52% Wool, 48% Acrylic, 100 yards). It is stunning.

Jesse joined us today.  She’s knitting a baby blanket with  Millamia Naturally Soft Merino (Sport: 100% Merino, 137). She was dutifully changing yarns at the ends.  Unfortunately some of the yarns had knots within the skein.  She was forced to cut and rejoin the yarn in the middle.  I showed her how to weave in yarns without it becoming bulky.

How gorgeous is this blanket?  The pattern is Teddy Blanket.  She also started with the pattern and then followed her inner designer. This is such a happy blanket.

Jesse also pulled out her (design your own ) top down sweater from a class she took with me a year or so ago at Westport Yarns.  This one has not seen the light of day since.  We reassessed where she was so she could resume knitting it.

Barbara sent her daughters-in-law a couple of patterns to pick out for her to knit for her grandkids. One of the patterns picked was the Cabled Pullover.  It’s a really intricate cable pattern.  This raises an interesting question. When choosing to knit/crochet something for someone else there is a quandary.  If you ask them what they want, you are beholden to make what they choose.  This may not be exactly what you had in mind.  SO, what do you do?

Mary checked in on her Linen Stitch scarf.  She’s starting to get the hang of reading the pattern.

She found this really unique yarn with butterfly’s affixed to the yarn.  She’s going to knit a summer scarf with it. I forgot to get more details of the yarn.

Look how detailed the butterfly is.   This yarn makes Mary very happy.

Elizabeth has knit up to the armholes on her Brioche Rib Cardigan.  

She started the sleeves, in the round.  That changes up how to do the Brioche Stitch.

 Michelle is back!  Yay!  She has had a request for socks for her grandkids.  She is swatched and ready.

Lois started knitting her All Wrapped Up capelet in Berroco Versa (Bulky: 50% Acrylic, 50% Cotton, 81yards).  We were all so busy cross-chatting that I forgot to take a picture.