Tangled, not the movie version either.

Mary and Diane are taking the Intarsia class at Westport Yarns.  In the first class, Laura got them set up with yarn butterflies for the different colors they need for their motifs.  

I like yarn butterflies, they are a great option.  Especially if you don’t have any yarn bobbins handy.  With learning Intarsia, comes managing all those different strands of yarn.  Diane and Mary spent some time disentangling themselves!
They are knitting Roo Designs, adorable motif sweaters for children.  Mary is making the Firetruck sweater.  They are coming out really well.
Diane is knitting the Sheep.  They are both using Cascade 220 Superwash (worsted, 100% superwash wool, 220 yards).

Barbara was gift Donegal Tweed chunky from her daughter-in-law and is turning it around and knitting a sweater for her, #8 Cabled V-Neck Slipover.  It may be hard to see, there is a terrific cable in the center.
Barbara knit her grandson, Flynn, this adorable Balaclava (helmet hat) .  She loves the hat because it stays on.  I am certain I have a picture somewhere of me as a baby with this exact hat!
Last week’s markers proved useful afterall.  Lois was doing well until she twisted the Cell Stitch Cowl.  Thankfully it was only one round back.  That’s the thing about knitting in the round.  You are not “home free”  until you’ve knit a couple of rounds and the project has some weight on it.  Otherwise, you should check after each round (just the first few) to make sure you aren’t twisted.

Diane finished the Little Alice Bonnet from the Sublime set she is working on in Booklet #648. Mary explained to her how to embroider the lazy dazy stitch.
Linda flew in (above radar) to get started on her Neckdown Pullover Tunic #9726.  It’s a top-down sweater and she’s knitting it with Plymouth Encore (worsted, 75% acrylic, 25% wool, 200 yards).
Of course with Linda came some deep, profound conversation.  That is for another day.