Behind the Times

Why is it you need a vacation from vacation?  Getting unpacked, back into a routine, and acclimated to East Coast time was about all I could manage last week.

Diane totally powered through The Little Alice Coat 
from Sublime Booklet #648.  

Mary swatched for the Roo Firetruck Sweater pattern. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash (worsted, 100% superwash wool, 220 yards).
She checked in with her linen stitch scarf that she is knitting with Creative Focus Linen (worsted, 50% linen/50% cotton, 220 yards). Mary understands the stitch, she just gets confused reading the right side versus the wrong side.  I have faith, it will come.

Elizabeth stopped by with her mother, it was such a pleasure to meet her.  She wanted to put faces with the names she has read about.Virginia is knitting The Nordic Trail Vest.  The yarn is Valle.y Yarns Berkshire Bulky (super bulky, 85% wool/15% alpaca, 108 yards) She bought the yarn at Webs where the shop girl recommended that she knit a gauge.  Virginia said she has never knit a gauge and didn’t plan to start now.  I sure wasn’t going to be the one to insist on it!
Virginia told us the story of her first knitting project and how she had learned to knit correctly. She is from Germany, where she learned to knit.  Virginia went with a school friend from Germany to visit with her friend’s grandparents in Norway. Her friend’s grandmother told Virginia was knitting “wrong”.  She taught her how to knit correctly, continental. Her first sweater was a red ski sweater, knit in the round and steeked!  That’s impressive!

Elizabeth was knitting a liner for one of my hat designs (not published yet), to make it fit more snugly.

She worked on the the Brioche Rib Cardigan.   She got off pattern on one row and then was back on track.  If she’s able to stay on pattern from here on, she’ll leave the little hitch in. Brioche is a pain to take out.

Lois began the Cell Stitch Cowl.  We put in stitch markers to help her stay in pattern.  Unfortunately, the pattern shifts on the next row.  She loves the yarn, Cascade Highland Eco Duo (aran, 70% alpaca/30% merino, 197 yards).  When she gets frustrated with the pattern, she rubs this little bit of yarn to remind herself that she loves the yarn.  Inspiration comes in many different ways! 
What tools do you use to stay on pattern? 

A couple of months ago, Michelle knit a baby blanket as a gift.  It wasn’t for someone she was close to, so she hoped they would really like it.  This picture is their holiday card and the baby is wrapped in Michelle’s blanket.  What a great compliment and show of appreciation!