Plan Z

We were on vacation in Palm Desert, CA last week.  I love the dichotomy of the snow capped mountains and the green golf course.

 I think I spent more time planning projects than outfits, but what else is new?The upside to having a limited number of projects to work on is that there is no where else to turn. Nothing to distract me from my purpose. I think of these as Plan A, B and so on. Of course, I can be my own worst enemy.

Joe’s Aunt Anne was in California the same time as us and we caught up with her at dinner. 
She picked up a project at a flea market and needed help with a wonky stitch.  I always urge her to bring her knitting when I see her, I like to see what she’s up to.

After knitting my cup cake sweater for the better part of the week, I needed a break.  If it weren’t for the fact that there is a goal with a little girl’s birthday attached, this would be the stuff that hibernating projects are made of.  You know when you find a project (months or years later) and think ‘Why did I stop here?  I was nearly done.

I did finish the knitting on the plane ride home, 
again, limited selection forces productivity.
What modern travel now includes, 
charging up in between flights!
I finished my secret squirrelly design project and 
I blocked it when we got home.

The Pretty Twisted Cuff was my change of pace and that’s exactly why you work on more than one project at a time. 


I love the linen stitch and the thought of having a use for the tiny bits of Koigu and Claudia fingering yarn pleases me.

Oh! I finally picked up my sock and got down to business, turned the heel and up the leg we go.


Our flights home were delayed and we arrived back at La Guardia at midnight.  The down side is obvious (and our luggage followed us home a day later).  The upside?  At this hour you can skateboard down the hallways.

There was a heartwarming 
mother and dog reunion when we got home.