Selkie Capelet ~ Westport Yarns KAL

 Let me start by saying that I think Selkie is gorgeous.  It’s a perfect transition piece.  The designer’s photographs are beautiful. Selkie is our current Westport Yarns knit-a-long.

I chose Lang Mosaico (bulky weight, 100% wool, 82 yards) which is slightly thinner than the pattern calls for.  This will make my Selkie a little smaller and I’m ok with that.

After reading many of the helpful comments in project pages, I decided to knit the cabled cowl 3″ shorter as well so it will have more structure.

I have 17 skeins of Lang Mosaico so I’m sure I’ve got more than enough.

Since I knit loosely, I went down to a #10 for the cowl and #11 for the body.

So far these aren’t major changes.  Then I talked with two of my co-workers.  Julie and Margaret both thought they would like it better with a cable in the front (in addition to the cable on the back) instead of the buttons and knit in the round.  All it took was the suggestion of the idea.

Picked up the 100 stitches as written, then with right side facing, I joined in the round.

Set up round as follows: k12, p4, place cable marker, k4, place beginning of round marker, k10, place raglan marker, k4, place cable marker, p4, k24, p4, place cable marker, k4, place raglan marker, k10, place raglan marker, k4, place cable marker, p4, k12.

Work the following stitches to get over to beg of round: k12, k4, move marker, k4.

Raglan Rounds:
Round 1: *k1, M1L, k to one st before marker, M1R, k1, slip marker, k1, M1L, k to cable marker, slip cable marker, follow cable pattern as written, slip cable marker, k to one st before marker, M1R, k1, slip marker*; rep from * to * one time.

Round 2: *k12, slip marker, k5,  slip cable marker, p4, (k4, p1) 4 times, k4, p4, slip cable marker, k5, slip marker*; rep from * to * one time.

Continue working the raglan rows while following the cable pattern.  All even cable rounds will be worked as round 2 above.

My rounds/inch is different than the patterns rows/inch.

I’m getting 4.8 rounds/1″ vs. 3.5 rows/1″.

46 pattern rows divided by 3.5 rows/1″=13″

I’m in the middle of the 4th pattern repeat. I’m going to put it on waste yarn to determine what to do next.

As an aside, here is how you access knitter’s comments and helpful notes:

On the pattern page, go the the box on the right side and click on the “88 projects”.

Click on the tab that says “show all projects” and choose “helpful notes”. 

These projects have little life preserver icons.  You can find a lot of useful information that you can save to your favorites.