The Fab 4 plus 1 ~ The Week in Review

 1.  Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf:  I finished the pink/purple  colorway and started the next.  It’s that turquoise blue at the top of the picture. 

 2. Selkie:  (Part of the Westport Yarns Knit-a-long.)  Margaret and Julie were discussing how it they would like to see Selkie knit in the round, not as a buttoned cape.

Since I had only just finished the cowl, I was able to modify the pattern and I’m knitting it in the round, seamlessly.  I will leave the cowl buttoned.

3. Greenwillow Cowl.  Nothing doing this week.

4. My hibernating project is also a design project. Nothing doing this week.

Plus 1: Finished! My niece will love them.
 Harry is making sure no one makes off with the food dish before he gets his dinner.  
This just doesn’t look comfortable.