Go Speed Racer ~ Or Not.

 While continuing on with her Noble Cowl, 
Lois has planned her next project.
She is going to knit the Anthro Branch Cowl with Tosh dk (dk weight, 100% merino, 225 yards). This cowl has a very narrow diameter.  She’d like it wider, so we figured out the gauge and taking note of the pattern repeat, came up with a new cast on number.   

It looks like Diane is nearly done with the body of her Baby Eyelet Cardi

Barbara joined us for the first time today; she wanted to learn how to knit in the round. The pattern she brought is called Queenie.  Since she didn’t have a 16″ circular, she had to learn on double pointed needles.  She took to it quite quickly.  I taught her that if she knit an extra stitch from the next needle after knitting off one needle, she would avoid ladders. Does that make sense?  It doesn’t sound as clear as I’d like.

Mary is ready for the next section of her Road Map scarf.   She’s having a problem with gauge and keeping the sections approximately the same width.  She’s already on #0 needles.  We decided to decrease by about 5 stitches on this section. 

She keeps getting stalled out on her Bowties Scarf. After you complete the first repeat, rows 1-11, you continue on by repeating rows 2-11.  That keeps catching her up short and making it confusing as to where she is. We wrote a big note to skip row 1, we’ll see if that helps.

Elizabeth shared her progress on her second Koigu Linen Stitch scarf. This is supposed to be for her husband.  I think he’ll find he’s sharing this one as it has all of Elizabeth’s favorite colors too.
She’s technically swatched and ready for the Brioche Rib Cardigan from Interweave Knits Weekend 2010. Here’s the dilemma, her gauge is tighter than the pattern calls for ~ however ~ she likes the way the stitches look.  If she knit the size she wants, her sweater will be considerably smaller than the finished size she has chosen.
In the end, we agreed that she should knit another swatch on a smaller needle AND do some homework on Ravelry among the finished projects to see if there were any helpful comments.
She got the yarn at Rhinebeck from Creatively Dyed Yarn. 
 She was at the collar in her Caffe Vest.  In the picture it looks like the collar gets narrower around the neckline.  When we looked at pictures of finished vests on Ravelry, we learned that it isn’t shorter.  It must’ve been styled for the picture that way.  She likes how it looks in the picture.  However, in order to achieve that affect, she would have to knit short rows on either side of the neck.  Elizabeth chose the path of least resistance.  Knit it as it is written and fold it down when she wears it.  
It raises an interesting dilemma.  Sometimes knits are styled in such a way that key design elements are (unintentionally) misleading in the photograph.  That is why I always make a point of looking at finished projects on Ravelry.

 Linda, always one to make an entrance, explained that she was late because she couldn’t go her ususal 80 mph to get here.  She was driving alongside a policeman.  Ahh, Linda, words escape me.  I am glad she is so enthusiastic about getting to knitting, but yikes, 80 mph?
Anyway, she was cruising along (pun just happened, really) on The Patterned Kimono Jacket, when she realized that she was following the row repeat for the pattern and not the pattern.  What I mean to say is that she knit the front to be 22″ versus the 13″ desired to armhole.  I’m glad she realized this before she knit a table runner or a scarf!

Michelle texted in her finished Cinnie sweater.  She knit it with Linie 12 Clip (worsted weight, 100% cotton, 182 yards). I love how it came out, well done!