VKLive ~ Oh! The yarn and designs!

I arrived at Vogue Knitting Live on Friday afternoon just in time to have lunch with my friend, Cynthia of Knitting Central.

Afterwards, we each rushed off to our lectures/classes.

At 5:00 the marketplace opened for those attending classes.  I stood in the queue and chatted with the women around me.  One of the women said my name looked familiar.  Would you believe that the woman I was talking to bought my Spiral Hat pattern from Cynthia at her booth at VKLive last year.  We even corresponded via email when she had a question about the pattern.  Unbelievable.

By the time I walked both floors of the marketplace, I was overwhelmed by all the color and choices.  I was particularly smitten with The Neighborhood Fiber Co. I was torn between two colors.  A lovely emerald color and a burgundy-ish color.  I just couldn’t decide.  That night I dreamt about the yarn; I don’t believe that’s ever happened before.  Their tonal colors are beautifully saturated with color.
We are going to look into carrying their yarn at
Westport Yarns.
I would not allow myself to buy any purple. 
It was tough, let me tell you.
I have this pattern, Safire, in my queue.  I didn’t realize it until I looked it up.  Nice to know I’m consistent.  The t-shirt underneath says “Knitting is Sexy”. 
The tub of black, feathery yarn made me think of crows,
enough said.  
I stopped by Sandra McIver’s booth to say hello and show her my Plum Perfect Swirl. She loved it in black which delighted me to no end.  She said she was thinking of making one in black.

I ran into Jan who’s Sheer Beauty Swirl inspired one of the students in my Knit, Swirl class.  I immediately recognized her from her Ravelry picture and from her swirl.  What a small world!  When I saw her I explained who I was and that we had corresponded on Ravelry about her swirl.  This is definitely going to be the next swirl I make.

I liked the Brooklet infintity scarf. The sample was knit with Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Fingering (100% Merino, 475 yards).

The Hari scarf was also knit with Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Fingering.  (I told you I was smitten with their yarns.)

This is the Merging Ripple Shawl pattern from Knitscene, Winter 2012, very cool looking.

Off in the corner is another pattern in my queue, Leftie.  It’s a great way to incorporate leftover bits of fingering.

This just tickled me pink. 

Alright, so it may be hard to see.  There are three women on the right with the bulk of a majorly tangled skein of yarn.  The yarn spans across to the left side of the picture.  Not pictured is the woman holding the yarn on the left side.  This was a four woman job!

In Cephalopod Yarns’ booth I saw three terrific hand woven scarves, worked up with their fingering weight yarn.  (Spoiler Alert, we are planning a trunk show at Westport Yarns late spring.)
The next few pictures were from the Gallery.  This piece is by Jo Hamilton.  She uses basic crochet techniques and works directly from photographs.  Remarkable.

This piece is from the program “Designing for the Runway and is a collaboration between Koigu and the Rhode Island School of Design CE, taught by Rhonda Fargnoli. “The seven students explored the ancient Korean art of Bojagi after a visit from Chungie Lee.  They then adapted the technique to contemporary knitwear.  I hope this becomes a pattern available to the rest of us.

This was quite a buffet of hand knitted food stuffs.  Bonnie Burton, co-owner of Colorful Stitches, designed these pieces for her store display.  They looked good enough to eat.