The Fab Four ~ Week in Review

1.  Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf.  Loving it!  I finished another full colorway and started the next.  It’s that electric pink/purple at the top of the picture.  It isn’t really that brilliant up close.

2. Knit, Swirl Coat: Plum Perfect Finished! 
 Happy, Happy, Happy.

The next project is Selkie,  I’m knitting this as part of the Westport Yarns Knit-a-long.  The yarn is Lang Mosaico (bulky weight, 100% single ply wool, 82 yards).  My yarn is a little thinner than the yarn the pattern calls for.  I want my Selkie to be a little smaller. It’s going really quickly so far.

3. Greenwillow Cowl.  I completed two more pattern repeats.  The pattern is showing up a little better.

4. My hibernating project is also a design project. This sock is beginning to feel like a neglected stepchild.

“Plus One”  I worked on these socks during a class at VKLive.  It might be hard to tell with all the sparkly-ness happening, one of these things is definitely not like the other.  There is no name for the heel flap I worked it is so misshapen.  The sock on the right came out perfectly.  I don’t know what I was reading or thinking.

 Just Chillin’.  If there was a dog word bubble hear above Tucker, I think it would be something like this, “I wonder why Harry sits like that.  It doesn’t look comfortable.  Maybe I should sit like that.  I’m so confused”.  Alright, enough puppy talk.  I’ve got yarn waiting!