Pillow Fight

We have throw pillows for our sofas that have seen MUCH better days.  They are really sad looking.  I decided to weave pillow covers.

I found a pattern in the Weaving book.  The pattern was for 15″ pillows.  Wouldn’t you know it my pillows are 17″ x 17″. 

Warping the loom  (to me) is worse than swatching.  I do enjoy the weaving and the finished product.  Warping the loom still takes me an hour.

That could be because Tucker slows down my progress.

 The pillow is being generated by stash yarns.  The warp is Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton (that Tucker has). 

The weft is Mango Moon Recycled Silk that I’ve had for easily 6 years.  This is a perfect use for it.  I’m psyched.

Warped and ready!

I marked my progress and wove until I had (what I though was) 34″.  I was short.  Ugh, this I discovered after I took it all off the loom, cut the waste yarn and all that happy jazz.

After a few minutes of disgusted self-pity, I decided to crochet my pillow’s shortcomings closed.

My family was actually delighted (truly) that I was weaving new faces for the pillows.  Thing #2 went so far as to say that “she was waiting for someone to do something”.  Really?  Someone?  Random elves that weave at night?  Sometimes I wonder. 

My finished pillow met with rave reviews.  I guess this means I’ll have to address the other two sorry pillows.  Can you get second pillow syndrome?