Ain’t no counter high enough

The puppies reach has exceeded the depth of my counter space.  I caught him reach up and take my cashmere cowl off the top of my purse while it was resting on the counter.

Last night he managed to topple a glass vase filled with water and flowers. Somehow just spilling the water and flowers onto the floor, not shattering the glass.  Damn Houdini dog.


This morning he nipped a skein of yarn off the counter.  I set a trap to see what his reach was. 

It is clear that Harry is coaxing him. 

Harry is the “dog behind the curtain” pulling the strings. He’s instigating to get Tucker in trouble.  You know, hazing the new guy.

This is an action shot, he’s going in for the jump.
 Sadly, Tucker finally messed with something before I could get to him. He pulled strands out of my Stria Slouch Hat. I knit it with two skeins of Artyarns Ultrabulky, 110 yards of 100% merino bulky weight yarn in colors black (246) and purple multi (904).  This is my own design and was published in Iris Schreier’s recent book One + One Hats.  It was fun to knit up for myself.  I love the color-play between the black and the multi.  It looks like stained glass. This is going to be a class at Westport Yarns in January.

I think I can pull the strands through to the wrong side and position the hat so that bit is under the slouch.  Maybe if I put a bell on him I’ll be able to get to him before he wreaks more havoc.  Or better yet, a doggie-cam.

I was able to mend the hat and it blocked out nicely.