It’s raining cats and dogs

Warning ~ There is no actual knitting in this post.

We got the dogs a new toy that we can stuff with a big biscuit.  They love it and have yet to destroy it.  That’s impressive considering most toys are destroyed the first day.  With three dogs comes three personalities.  It’s interesting to watch their approach to getting the biscuit out. It’s like a doggie IQ test.

Boris, yellow lab, just keeps working at it the conventional way with little success. He carries it around and keeps at it for hours.  As far as I’m concerned the toy is doing its job-he’s busy.

 Harry tosses the toy around to loosen the other biscuit bits and has at it from different angles.  He meets with a fair amount of success.

Tucker finishes off the piece of biscuit he can reach and then follows Harry around to catch the crumbs that fall.

My sister got a cat recently and since I am allergic, I will have to live vicariously through her videos.