Because it’s purple

We played musical rooms in our house a couple of months ago.  The best part about that game was that it freed up a room to be my yarn room.  This all coincided with Thanksgiving when I had to clear out all my yarn/paraphernalia so we could actually celebrate Thanksgiving room in the dining room.

Thing #2 is well versed in the art of painting a room.  She volunteered to paint the room for me ~ including spackling and all that other mysterious preparatory work.  OF COURSE I chose purple.  I think I mentioned the whole accent wall thing ~ a darker purple.  Which would’ve been the whole room color, however everyone felt the room would be too dark.  OK, I could see that.

To set up the next part of this happy tail, I need to explain a perverse family tradition. You see we like to lull family members into a state of potential disappointment.  You know, prepare them for not getting whatever they thought they might get.  Or prepare them for not getting anything and then surprising them big.  I warned you, perverse family tradition.

Well, Thing #2 has learned well.  When she volunteered to paint the room one of her sisters said, “hey, you could finish it for Mom’s birthday”.  Thing #2 balked at this idea as it confined her to a time frame.  She quickly managed my expectations and said she would finish it over break. I was bummed, and how could I say anything ~ she’s doing a kindness for me and has school/work obligations.

Today is my birthday (insert birthday greetings here 😉 .  After waking her up for school she called me to the room in mock sleepiness under the pretense of asking me a question about the room.  Being a parent I balked at having to go “all the way upstairs” when my knitting lies unattended with a puppy wandering about.  She was persistent and up I went. 

This is what awaited me.  Awesome present!  I’m so happy, I cried tears of joy.  My own yarn room and it’s purple.  Do you think anyone would mind if I played hooky from work today?