Holiday Knit Gifts

 Here my family sits with all their knitted (or to be knitted) finery.  Joe (finally) got his socks, the yarn is Berroco Comfort.  The pattern is designed just to suit his feet :).  I really milked those socks, I can tell you.  Last year he got yarn for socks.  I was grasping at yarn, literally.  He says I milked it over two years.  Could be, I can’t remember.  The hat he’s wearing is my Hurricane Watch Cap.

Then from left to right, we have a woven scarf and Skee Ball infinity scarf knit with Plymouth DeAire (super bulky if you need something in time for Christmas).

Lastly, there is the swatch.  Thing #1 had decided I promised her a sweater.  I do not make these promises lightly and have no memory of this.  However she persists and I will oblige. 

She saw a sweater while shopping a year ago and wants something like it. So at the 11th hour (because what fun is there in doing these things in a timely manner~ stress free) I swatched with Cascade Ultra Pima.  I’ll design/knit it top down.  That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with it.

 For my co-workers at Westport Yarns, I knit these cute little flap hat “ornaments”.

I used leftover Koigu yarn in colors that each person liked.  Of course I forgot to take a picture of all of them.  Hey, it’s what I do (or rather, don’t do).

I knit Beth the Sev[en] circles necklace in Artyarns Silk Pearl in a lovely shade of green.  Use your imagination.  I forgot to take a picture of this as well.  I stopped at five circles.  She loved it.

Happy Holidays and may your fingers fly swiftly to finish those last few gifts.

I leave you with a sleeping puppy, because after all that Holiday knitting, he looks how I felt. 😉