Name that pattern

Could become a catchy song, don’t you think? 

A month ago, a little friend of mine asked me for a scarf:
Me: “What color?”
Her: “Pink”(contented, off she runs.)
Me:  “Wait, do you want fringe?”Why I kept offering more options to a 3 y.o. I don’t know.  I was happy to have her ask for something knit.
Her:  “Yes. Pink and rainbow. Can you make it now?”
Me: “I have to get the yarn first.” (contented, off she runs.)

Since then, she picked out the yarn.  
 Here is the finished scarf,
 pink and rainbow all over.

I need a name for the pattern, please help me out by casting your vote:
1. Sugar & Spice
2. Girly Girl
3. Dots
Once I have a name, I’ll post the pattern. 
The puppies have nothing to contribute to the process.

Puppies just hanging around ~ Tucker’s wrapped himself in a towel.  Harry looks like he’s drinking something, really it’s one of those toys that you can stuff with dog treats.  Boris is supervising.