Dog Day Afternoon

The puppy is growing in leaps and bounds and behaving much the same way.  We kindly refer to him as a small horse.  He is all legs and head.

Tucker is wicked quick when he swipes something he shouldn’t have.  He will lead us on a merry chase around the house finally settling in under the kitchen table where he knows it is hard for us to reach him.

Unfortunately for me, he has discovered the joy of yarn.

 Thing #1 has been taking him to the beach to exercise him and I thought I’d join her.  That way all three beasty boys can go.  I figured a tired puppy is less likely to have the energy to grab my yarn.  They are all clamoring to sit in the front seat.  I guess they don’t know about calling “shotgun” like my kids.

 They thoroughly enjoyed the beach.  We had a whole discussion about letting them run off leash.  I really felt they wouldn’t come back so readily.  We were talking about Harry and Tucker.  Wouldn’t you know it was Boris (10 y.o. yellow lab) that proved my point. 

His collar came on undone and he took OFF!  He ran like I didn’t know his old legs could carry him. I chased after him.  He ran into the parking lot and finally stopped around a parked car.  I took that to mean he was done with the walk.  I know I was! When I caught up to him and re-leashed him, he smelled every car till we reached ours. 

 Next stop, new pet store in town.  This brought back memories of shopping with young children, where all the candy or kid stuff are at their level to invoke the “I want it’s”. 

I swear they must do this on purpose.  It was like a dog buffet.  All the dog treats were at their level.  They couldn’t understand why they couldn’t just take one.  I wonder if the pet store has a “you bite it, you own it” rule. 

When we got home, it was nap time for them and (worry free) knit time for me.