You Ought to be in Pictures…

 Michelle is a prolific knitter and yet we rarely see her wear what she knits.  Today she was wearing a lovely cowl knit with Artyarns Ensemble Light a luxurious blend of 50% cashmere and 50% silk.

 The pattern is from Cowl Girls, Eyelet Cowl.

 She finished her Ponchini, knit with Berroco Lustra.  It blocked out beautifully.  She finished it off with a round of single crochet along the neckline.

 Michelle saw my finished Jeweled cowl at Westport Yarns and picked up a skein of Malabrigo Lace, color Indiecita.  I love the beads she chose.

She finished two pattern repeats.  
It’s going to be gorgeous.
 Mary was working on her Bowties Scarf.

 Marjolijn brought in a baby blanket she finished for her great grandchild who lives in France.  She used stitch patterns from the 365 stitches perpetual calendar.

She checked in with her Linen Stitch scarf.

 Robin was back after a long hiatus.  It was great to see her and catch up.  Her new project? A sweater for her dog Spike, the yarn is Plymouth DeAire. 

Now you have to understand a little background here why this is rather significant.  You see Robin has never quite grasped our obsessions with our dogs.  In her own words, “she just didn’t get it”. 

Then one day her husband brought home this cute little dog, Spike.  Now, she gets it.  We are enjoying this immensely.  Spike is also a commercial star for Petco.  This photo was taken before her debut. She’s a real cutie.  Who know Robin might end up knitting Spike a sweater for every day of the week.

 It was old home week, Sunaina came today with her Miley’s T sweater in Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool.  She was ready to finish up the sleeves.  I love proud Sunaina pictures, she’s so happy.
Amanda came to Stitch and Chat for the first time today.  She brought a much loved blanket that she knit.  During Hurricane Sandy her German Shepherd took the blanket outside gnawed a hole in it.

 She debated ripping it out and reknitting it.  I wanted to see if we could knit-fix it.  We picked up the 9 live stitches we could recapture and knit back and forth picking up a stitch from each edge and then decreasing it on the next row to keep the stitch count the same. When we got to the other end, there were only 6 live stitches.  We followed the same plan and then grafted the stitches together.

It’s not a pretty fix, however with some weaving and fray check 
it will continue to be a much loved blanket.