Little Helping Hands

My favorite 3 y.o. was visiting last week.  I forgot how much fun this age is.  They are curious about everything and want to help with any/everything.  Thing #1 was officially babysitting and I was (of course) knitting in the background.

She asked me what I was doing:
Me: “I’m making a scarf.”
Her: “Can I have it?” (I soon learned this was a recurring response.)
Me: “No, this one is mine, I can make you one.”
Her: “OK” (contented, off she runs.)
Me: “Wait, what color?”
Her: “Pink”(contented, off she runs.)
Me:  “Wait, do you want fringe?”Why I kept offering more options to a 3 y.o. I don’t know.  I was happy to have her ask for something knit.
Her:  “Yes. Pink and rainbow. Can you make it now?”
Me: “I have to get the yarn first.” (contented, off she runs.)

A little later in the day I was finished knitting (Danni’s Imagine shawl) and ready to block it.  This totally got her attention.  Blocking boards that looked like puzzle pieces and pins.  Hello! Why not start them young?  I explained what I was doing (the short version) and let her help.

We talked about blocking wires and pins.  Who knew I had so many different pins in my pin box?  Big T-pins, small t-pins, pins with a ball on top, straight pins, and mini-straight pins.  I think she had as much fun pinning as she did pointing out the different pins.

I let her pin anywhere and then moved the pins around where I needed them.  Ever vigilant, she noticed every time I moved one of her pins.  Busted!  It was charming having her help.

I loved knitting Danni’s shawl.  The pattern is easy to remember and it’s perfect for variegated yarns.  I knit the smaller size and used Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Dream Multi-Color,  in colorway

Maple Sugar.

Thing #1 brought her into the store a few days later to pick out yarn. Note to self, she was happy with pink, I should’ve left it at that. 

 These are the yarns she chose.  Be careful what you ask for, right? It will be exactly what she wanted, pink and rainbow.  Very cute, very girlie, very 3 y.o..