A Little Warped

 Another storm activity was beginning another weaving project.  It takes (me) about an hour to warp my loom.  I had 4 different instruction resources laid out on the table: the pamphlet that came with the loom, a youtube video, notes from the weaving class I took at Stitches East, and a book on weaving.  You would think that would confuse the issue, however, each resource had a different picture and/or suggestion.  Strength in numbers was my way of thinking.

 Watching me warp my loom also proved to be great entertainment to the rest of the household:
Joe: “You really do take up a lot of room”.
George (stranded friend): kept coming by at different intervals to watch the progression.

 Thing #1 & #2: They really just took it in stride.
Thing #2 friend (storm refugee): She thought it was cool.  I like this girl, she’s a keeper.

 I was quite proud of myself, I got it warped and ready – correctly.  The last time I attempted this on my own I got it backwards.  I probably only used 2 resources. 

There were only 2 mishaps in the warping process that proved not to be a deal breaker.  In 2 places I either put too many strands through the slot or skipped one entirely.  I was able to fix that later on.

 I think the actual weaving itself took (maybe) 3-4 hours total.  When I showed Joe the finished scarf he liked it and asked if it was for him.  This gave me pause, it was on the sparkly side.  I told him no, and that I could make him one.

Thing #2 LOVED IT and wanted it.  Wow!  I told her I could make another that was wider, longer, more sparkly (a/k/a, better, stronger, faster than ever before ~ if you get this reference please put in a comment!). 

Anyway, I digress, she wanted THIS ONE! I was totally flattered and delighted.  I told her she could have it after I blocked and brought it in for show and tell.  She was good with that.

 Blurry close up, dogs got me up early.
 The players.
Of course puppy went back to sleep.