Rhinebeck 2012 Part 1: A Beautiful Weekend

After an interesting ride, I finally reached our hotel. I had my daughter’s car and with it her GPS. I swear if computers ever took over the world, it would start with rogue GPS systems messing with us.Thing #1 put in the address and sent me on my way. She claims she told me about the settings, I don’t remember.

It sent me the long and winding road. The route gave the words “back roads” a whole new meaning to include closed roads, detours, and maybe a hint of banjo music. For a while I even tried my phone’s map system.  Then I had directions coming to me from two separate devices in stereo, I was getting a little desperate.  I was overjoyed to see the Sheep & Wool Festival sign.

 When we set out for the festival itself, I was understandably dubious about using the GPS again.  Thankfully it was clear where the car in front of us was going. 

We just followed Purl.
The weather was outstanding.
The foliage was totally at it’s peak.
The fairgrounds were packed!

I couldn’t resist this picture of two men carrying on a conversation, while knitting.

This was a t-shirt in Tess’ Yarns booth. 

There were 3 shawls that we saw repeatedly.  Catkin.
Which we wore ourselves.  

As a side note, Nancy was sewing on her buttons the morning before we set out.

She makes them herself and they are stunning.
Click here for more information about buttons and fused glass jewelry.

I worked diligently on my Shakespeare Cardigan, my goal was to wear it to the festival. I finished the sewing and Nancy weaved in all my ends while I got ready to go.  Now that is true sisterly love.

I wore it for an hour and then it was too freaking hot. 
But I digress…

I would say, by a landslide, Color Affection was the pattern of the weekend. This one was knit by one of Robin, one of our customers at Westport Yarns and she used Dream in Color Smooshy yarn.  The last shawl I saw a fair amount of was the Mystery KAL by Stephen West, Rockefeller.

If she could talk to the animals, she would tell you that this cute Llama wanted to greet me.

I couldn’t remember if Llama’s spit, so I kept a careful distance.

Nancy wanted to pat them.

She learned they prefer to pat on their back. There, there, little Llama.


This cute little, 8 week old Angora bunny was for sale.  Not for me though, that’s dog food in my house.

The lines for food were endless. Nancy (like myself) does not let an opportunity to knit go passed. It’s what makes knitting tolerable if not enjoyable.

It’s also an opportunity to observe interesting knits, like this hat.

We waited until the end of the day when the line was more manageable, to have our Fried Artichokes.


This is a Rhinebeck must in our opinion and we savored every bite. 

By the end of Saturday we were thoroughly exhausted and had a list of where to return to on Sunday.  I wasn’t feeling the “buying” mojo on Saturday. Maybe because it was so crowded. I more than made up for it on Sunday, I’ll share that with you in my next post.