It’s a design element

There are times in our knitting when we make a mistake, analyze/rationalize if it is really a deal breaker, then decide whether or not to carry on or rip back.

Lois is knitting the Destiny Cowl in Tahki Jackson. She’s fairly certain she’s off somewhere.  I can’t tell, can you?  (Rhetorical question.)

Elizabeth is knitting the Linen Stitch scarf.  In looking back, she noticed a couple of places where she was off pattern.  Since she made the same mistake in different places on the scarf, we are going forward with it (the “royal we”).
I call these “design elements”, mistakes that you can’t see or can live with otherwise known as fudging forward. 
Joan is designing a top down, fitted jacket in Rasta.  Her make ones were not coming out the same and as this is the front, it is not a place for mismatched anythings.
In this case you just have to take it back.

On a separate note, given the hand-dyed nature of the yarn, her fronts were drastically different.  She later decided to redo the whole front using two different skeins and alternating them every two rows to mitigate the difference in coloration.

Lauren phoned in a picture of her Infinity Wrap in progress.  She’s knitting it in Debbie Bliss Paloma and is down to the last skein.