When the shark bites.

When I’m ready to start a new project, the last thing I feel like doing is knitting a swatch.  I do it, I just don’t like it.  It’s like eating your vegetables.  You have to.

I started knitting swatches as a break from works in progress.   When I felt the urge to start something new, I swatched.  That way when I finish one project and am ready to go onto the next, I’m swatched and ready.  After I finished the honeycomb cabled section of my Shakespeare Cardigan, I needed a break.

I got this yarn at Rhinebeck last year and have sweater quantity.  It’s called Hustle and is from Dancing Leaf Farms. I bought it with the intention of knitting Corinne. However, I decided to swatch with it for the Terra Linda Cardigan.  Right away I could see that this was not the yarn for this sweater.
I swatched again with Malabrigo Rios (Purple Majesty) and loved it.  I’m psyched to that I’m ready to go with this sweater. 

Thing number #1 picked up some new toys at Petco.  This shark is supposed to be one of those “indestructible” toys.  Yeah, right.  The cashier did say that if they “break it” within a month, we can bring it back.  A month? Try 1 day. 

They are missing their calling.  I’ve got to see if I can get them jobs as toy testers.

The stuffing is coming out of the shark’s mouth and the stitching is coming undone.  It’s a fan favorite to be sure.