I DO NOT want to know what became of the W and f.

 I’m focusing on two projects right now.  I started my (own) Shakespeare Cardigan this week.  After I got into the honeycomb cable pattern around the waist a peculiar thing happened.  Right away my cables weren’t lining up, they looked to be a stitch off.  It made no sense, I’d been checking after each cable row that things were in order.  I kept working a few cables, then picking them out when they weren’t lining up.  Of course this was happening in a waiting room of all places.

Upon closer inspection, I saw that I had dropped the second stitch of the row.  That would do it.  Since I was waiting (in the waiting room), I now know it takes 20 minutes to finish a cable row and 5 minutes to finish a stockinette row.  Do you see the useful things you can learn while waiting? I would never have timed a row while knitting at home. (OK, so maybe I would’ve).

 Color Affection is looking sharp.  I’ve knit a little further than this picture, so I’m almost to the final border knitting.  I really like the depth of the colors I’m using.

So I bought the boys a few more toys.  This cute little ball used to have blue stuff filling the Woof.  Within 10 minutes of getting their mouths around this ball, Boris and Harry managed to gnaw the letters out.  I saw Tucker jawing at something and fished out the two o’s.  I DO NOT want to know what became of the W and f.

 I pick out the toys that say, “indestructible” and”for power chewers”. I don’t know what dogs they are using as test chewers, but they are wimps compared to Boris and Harry. They destroy every toy I give them. If they were chew testers, there would be a whole new category.  Maybe I’ll invent a dog toy line and it can have a little slip of paper with a bite out of it or a paw print and say, “inspected by Boris (or Harry)”. I can see the cute label with their picture on it.  Boy did I digress.

To the victors go the spoils.
Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?