Invisible Knitting, The New Thing?

 Mary is nearly done knitting the body of the Hankie Pankie Blankie in Sprout yarn.  Next she’ll knit the little “doo-dads” that hang off the sides ~ different textured strips for the baby to play with.

 She’s taking a Christmas Stocking class with Laura at Westport Yarns.  The pattern is Ann Norling #1018.  She’s not sure which Christmas it will be completed for, she’s keeping an open mind.  She started the Santa hat today.

 Mary is moving along on her Road Map scarf.  I find this pattern fascinating, I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s the interesting color-play with different stitch patterns.

 Yay Lois!!!! She has finished her Gypsy Tank.  She’s free to knit a new project!  Now we need a picture of her wearing the sweater with the matching jacket and bag.

 Karine is down to the sleeves on this son’s top down sweater.  She’s left the body on the needles in case she wants to make any changes.

 Last week she picked up the funky yarn for her other son’s sweater vest.  Since this vest is knit with chunky yarn and the funky yarn is super bulky, the trim was coming out too tight and rippling.  She’s going to go up a needle size and reduce the number of stitches so that it doesn’t change the measurements.

Linda shopped in her mother’s stash and came up with a washable, white yarn that she’s going to knit Ann Norling’s Crib-Blanket-Afghan II: Feather & Fan, Fantastic Eyelet pattern.

I have to share a little banter between Linda and Karine when Linda first arrived:

Linda:  “You may be wondering what I’m doing here”. (She didn’t have any knitting out.)
Karine:  “I was going to ask”.
Linda:  “It’s invisible knitting, it’s the new thing.”
Karine: “You can conjure up whatever you like.”
Linda:  “It’s less frustraing.”
Karine:  “What do you do about ripping out?”
Linda:  “You don’t.”
Karine:  “Safer that way.”

I love my knitting group. They make me smile.