Shakespeare is in the house.

This fall I had the honor of a design published by Tahki Stacy Charles. I say it was an honor because Tahki is an icon in the business. They consistently publish stylish designs knit with interesting yarns. Their patterns are concise and clear. It really is exciting for me to have a pattern under their letterhead.

About a month ago I was checking “what’s hot now on Ravelry” while at Westport Yarns.  I do this at least once a day.  Imagine my shock to see my pattern, Shakespeare Cardigan, on the third row of the first page. #16.  I was speechless.  My hands started waving before my voice kicked in to show Danni and Julie.  Finally I was able to speak to call them over. 

For the rest of the afternoon and evening I kept hitting refresh to see if it moved up.   

By the time I went to bed my pattern was #4.  This was a huge moment for me.  Thank goodness for the ability to take a screen shot with my phone!  Today there are 349 “favorites” and it has been queued 147 times.
While at TNNA I met Stacy Charles (another huge moment for me).
The yarn just arrived at Westport Yarns.  We’ve added it as a class.  Even though I designed it, I swatched anyway.  My gauge can vary.  It’s a good thing too, I needed to go down a needle size.  The yarn is Donegal Tweed. 
Time to cast on…