Payback is a you know what

After months of abusing Boris: biting his face, nipping at his heels, badgering him mercilessly.

 Harry is getting a taste of his own medicine.  If you could put a word bubble around Boris’ head it would read “Ha! Just how do you like it?”.  Or maybe there would be stronger doggy language involved, I’m not sure how annoyed he is.
Tucker is not afraid to step right into the thick of things.  

He is actually a very feisty little guy and really wants to run with the big dogs.  Boris is sleeping it off, he’s had enough of this “tom foolery”.

You can see that Harry is taking it easy.  Kind of like fighting with one hand tied behind your back.  Who knows, he might be napping.

In answer to your (unasked but thought) question, I have been knitting.  Really. These are my colors for the Westport Yarns knit-a-long, Color Affection.  It took me a while to find just the right combination.

I’ve just reached the point where you add the second color. I’m definitely enjoying my choice.

I finished my Mom’s birthday present, the Bentley Shrug; knit in Cascade Ultra Pima.
Otherwise, there is some stealth knitting going on.  Sorry, you’re on a need to know basis, can’t clue you in yet.