Puppy Palooza

Who could have seen it coming?  I certainly didn’t.  The super short version is that G and I went to visit a pet shop as an activity (long story).  I knew she would see puppies and “want one”  who wouldn’t.  I didn’t think she would “WANT ONE”. After a well played argument (an even longer story), Thing #1 bought herself a puppy. 

Yes, we are slightly crazy.  Who could resist this little guy?  Tucker is his name.

My 10 y.o. lab, Boris,  couldn’t be bothered.  He mostly acts in a supervisory position.  The only time he gets annoyed is when Harry and Tucker are having too much fun with a toy.  Then I give the toy to Boris, age has it’s benefits.  Harry is delighted to have someone to play with.

Everyone was completely tuckered out after the meet and greet. Puppies are just little bundles of fluffy cuteness.