A day for epiphanies

 Michelle knit a “lovey” for her grandson in Knitcol ~ a fun, self striping yarn.  His sister just got a new blanket and he was feeling left out of the loop.  (These puns make themselves, I’m telling you it was not planned!)

She’s enjoyed this yarn so much that she is using it for two more projects.  The first one is called Howlcat.  It is a hat and a cowl, knit in two yarns which provides two layers of fabric.  I really want to see how this one knits up.  The second project she’s using the yarn for is her upcoming weaving class at Westport Yarns.  The grandkids are getting scarves and the Howlcat.  Lucky kids!

Anna finished the front of her son’s sweater.  She is in the process of redoing the upper back and then it’s onto the sleeves.  Anna had epiphany about her knitting.  She said that when she does other things she can’t remember what she did and there is nothing to show for her efforts.  With her knitting, she can look back at the week and see her progress in (i.e.) the finished front of her sweater. She’s loving knitting again and said it’s good for her memory. I’m so happy she’s enjoying herself.
Lauren’s scarf is about 1/3 of the way done.  Maybe a little more.  Her epiphany was that you can knit anything and as long as it’s in good yarn, and it looks great. 

Mary swatched for her upcoming Christmas Stocking Class at Westport Yarns.  She’s looking forward to knitting up a cache of stockings for future kids, although they might be for great grandchildren.

She also swatched for the Buga Baby Bunting in Sprout.