Good News, Bad News.

The good news is I definitely like weaving. I love how my scarf came out.  The yarn I used was Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky, 2 skeins, color 503. 

 For my next weaving effort, I used Ellyn Cooper’s Little Bamboo for the warp (vertical strands).  For the weft, I used Prism Bon Bon.  The bad news is that although the colors are beautiful together, this became more of an experiment of what not to do. 

  • The Little Bamboo was too thin for the size heddle I was using.
  • The Bon Bon is a flat ribbon.  This meant that every time I ran the shuttle through, I had to straighten the ribbon to lay flat.  Can you say “excrutiatingly slow?”
  • The yarns did not play nicely.
  • I’m doing something wrong in that my sides came in very sharply.

The upshot is, I do like the finished scarf.  I bailed on the length.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  It was getting narrower and  the blush was off the proverbial rose.

Two things I like about the weaving are that it’s a good break for my hands from knitting/crocheting and the result is instant gratification.  This is especially perfect for last minute gifts.

 I’m going to make another one with the Ella Rae, color 505. Then I’ll see where my imagination takes me.

My family’s thoughts on another craft?
Oldest daughter – “Wow, it’s a whole contraption like Medieval times.”
Middle daughter – fascinated
Youngest daughter – appropriately appreciative
Joe – After commenting that I was taking up another craft when I don’t have time for everything as it is (I don’t know what his point was), he said that the whole thing is “looming in front of him”.

I never realized how many jokes can be worked around the work loom.