Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.

 I am accusomted to finding somewhat beculiar things at my parent’s house.  While visiting recently for lunch, this is what I found when I went to get ice.  A specimen jar.

My first thought was, “and that’s why I love my mom”.  She has a unique sense of the utility of things.  What I said to her was, “if this is truly a specimen, we need to talk”. (It isn’t, in case you were concerned.)

It gets better.  She stocks up on the specimen jars when they visit the doctor.  Her reasoning behind the whole thing?  They are a good size, and sterile (clean).  Macguyver has nothing on her.  (MacGyver (1985–1992) was a television series about the adventures of a laid-back, extremely resourceful ex-secret agent – wikequote).