Blogworthy and Revenge of the Knitting Gods

 Linda stopped by the shop for Tuesday’s Stitch and Chat.  She was at the very last bit of the second sleeve.  Her goal has been to bring the finished sweater on a trip she is going on soon.  I am happy to report that she finished the sleeve and the neckline and will obtain her goal.  She is one happy camper. I am so proud of her.  The sweater came out beautifully, the color blending is perfect, and the fit is just right.  A job (more than) well done.

Moving onto Wednesday…

 Sunaina finished the back panel of her Krazy Kurti sweater.  She loved the stitch pattern so much, that she intends to knit a scarf in it.  Having finished all the bits for the front and back, she is onto the sleeve panels. 

She had a wonderful aha moment.  Going into knitting Krazy Kurti, she knew it was going to be a real challenge and she likes to push herself forward.  She has learned so much already and increased her skill and confidence level. Now when she returns to simpler projects already in progress (that used to be a challenge) they are a breeze and her stitch definition is lovely.  What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

 We had to stop and admire her notions organization.  She put velcro dots on her stitch gauge so that it affixes to her notions box.

 This is the second time the box has made the blog as it is truly exemplary.

 Lois had emailed me in advance that the bind off row was giving her a tough time.  She explained her problem and asked if I would work the bind off row for her.  I did. 😉 

 Her Seaweed scarf came out beautifully and is exactly the size she wanted.  She made it larger and used two skeins of the Luxury Silk.

 While I did the bind off row, she worked on her ever-present Gypsy Tank.  With just this tiny bit of yarn left, she thought she was nearing the end.

Not so.  She has 3 more inches of the body to knit and found 3 more skeins of yarn.  She will continue to forge ahead.

Anna was ready to work the armhole shaping on the front of her Bergere de France Men’s V-Neck sweater, #7.  The pattern book is called Tricot Essentials Knitting Pattern Book 150.

She shared a story of knitting while waiting in the doctor’s office.  Having people look at her knitting admiringly, feeling kind of proud, and just a little bit smug.  When she got home, she realized that she had made a mistake and had to rip back a few rows.  A lesson to us all, the Knitting Gods frown on that sort of thing.