I do not think this plan was well thought out.

A couple of weeks ago, while teaching, I noticed my glasses were cracked.  The nose bridge was hanging on by a plastic thread.  I texted Margaret to bring me crazy glue when she came into work. 

That worked, albeit temporarily.  The fumes from the crazy glue brought tears to my eyes.  I’m lucky my glasses didn’t get glued to my face.

Fast forward to this week.  I hadn’t taken them to be repaired, procrastination on my part.  Well, they broke in half, at the nose bridge.  They looked like a pair of opera glasses.  Not good!  The only glasses I had were an old pair of prescription sunglasses.

The optician was able to provide me with an “emergency” pair of glasses that were distance only.  Since my normal pair are progressives, this has been quite a challenge. I never realized how much I relied on the progressives until now.  I am constantly taking them on and off.  All knitting is done without my glasses on.  Apparently my vision is perfect 14″ from my face. 

I haven’t been doing much computer work because I can’t see the screen easily.

I either have to lean way back, in which case I can see the screen but my arms are too short to type.  Or, I can take off the glasses, lean in close and type with my face inches from the screen.  Reminds me of the dinosaur in this clip.

Therefore to keep you entertained, here are some pictures of Harry and Boris, chilling.  I love the paws casually crossed.

 They are too tired to fight upright ~ the heat, you know.

 Again, this never gets old.

I love this picture.  His butt and back legs are on a chair behind him, his front legs are on the floor, and his chin is on the ottoman.  He sat there quite comfortably for a while.