Merrily I Knit-a-long

Here is the completed first clue from the Stephen West Mystery KAL ~ Rockefeller.  I am really enjoying my colors.  I’m actually almost done with the second clue, however I don’t want to put up any spoiler pictures.  You’ll just have to wait.  It’s cool though!

 I’ve finished the Wendy Johnson Summer Solstice Mystery KAL.  I was able to knit at least a dozen extra rows.  Right now it  reminds me of a bed skirt.  It’s 11″ deep and approximately 48″ along the bottom edge.  It’s supposed to block out to 12″ deep and approximately 60″ long.  I definitely will surpass the depth.  It will be interesting to see how much stretch I get out of it once I soak it.

I think I have another 5-ish” left to knit on the body of my Cinnie sweater.  Then I have to pick up and knit the neck border.  I’m loving this no-sew sweater!  This construction is really intriguing. I might want to play around with this as a sweater design template.

This is my view of Harry when I sit and knit.  
He really knows how to relax. 
We could all take a page from his book.