Go for the Gold (Needle)

 Diane is knitting an eyelet baby blanket (pattern origins unknown).

 She was ready to finish the baby bunting.  The hood needed to be grafted closed.

A few buttons and it is finished.  Warm and snuggly.

 Linda came in wearing her nearly completed sweater.  I absolutely love her enthusiasm. 

She is working the sleeve on two circulars and not loving the method.  She has one gold (lace addi) and one regular addi of a different length to keep them from getting confused.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she changed to double pointed needles.

 Sunaina was revisiting old projects that she either hadn’t finished or didn’t like.  She’s ripping out the old ones and figuring out the unfinished ones. 

She is casting on for the back of her Krazy Kurti sweater.  I admire her drive.  It makes me want to organize projects I have hibernating.  I think I fell off my 4 projects at a time wagon.

Marjolijn is knitting Susie’s Reading Mitts.  She is knitting on 9″ circular needles.  My hands hurt just looking at them! 

When it comes to knitting small diameter projects everyone has their favorite method or the method they find the least troublesome.  I prefer magic loop, Linda prefers double points, and Marjolijn prefers her 9″ circulars.  Whatever it is, it gets the job done.

Technically Lois reached the point where she could begin knitting the ruffle.  She decided she is going to knit her Seaweed Scarf another 1-2″ longer before adding the ruffle.