What’s a girl to do?

When I first posted my KAL Conundrum, I was seriously thinking about doing all the KAL’s I mentioned. 

I’ve been enjoying the Summer Solstice KAL by Wendy Johnson.  Each week Danni and I compare our results.  The pattern started with the most stitches and is slowly narrowing into what we can now see is a crescent shaped shawl.

Danni and I talked about doing the Stephen West Mystery Shawl 2012: Rockefeller KAL.  She wasn’t really into it at the time and I let it slide.  As Winnie the Pooh said, “It’s friendlier with two” ~ more fun to kal along with a group when you know someone in it.

A day before the deadline to join the KAL, I learned that Jenny, from Sit’n Knit at Westport Yarns, planned on knitting it.  Oohhh, that made it tempting.  The next day at work, Danni said she changed her mind and was going to do it. Now I was nearing the tipping point. 

It’s not like I don’t have anything to knit.  What with gearing up for fall yarns and classes, my hands are literally full.

Then another customer came in to the shop, Kathy, announcing that she was going to join the KAL and wanted help picking out yarn.  That did it.  I was in. 

The yardage requirement for the KAL is awkward:  460 yards of one color and 420 of another.  Not the average yardage I’m accustomed to.  This created quite a quandary.  I poked around in my yarn stash pulling out skeins they way some people pull clothes out of their closet when getting dressed to go out and they can’t decide what to wear.  Same feeling!

At last I found a couple of viable choices.  We narrowed them down and I am really happy with them. The “galaxy” purple is Dream Everlasting Sock yarn and the variegated “century” color is Creative Dyed Yarns, Steele.

Of course the first clue came out on Friday and the second clue comes out this Friday.  Did I start Friday?  No, of course not.  Not when the thrill of a deadline can be realized.  I will be playing a bit of catch up.

Oh, and I had to pass on the Panama Jacket kal.  My needles runneth over.