TNNA ~ Real Life Walking Fashion Show

Everywhere I went during the convention I saw amazing knit and crocheted garments and accessories.  I snapped pictures and scribbled names down on as many as I could.  Here are pictures and links to the sights of TNNA.

 Color Affection in Baa hand paint yarn.

 Grace Akhrem, designer, and her Crashing Waves Shawl.

Olga’s vest, also by Grace Akhrem, can be worn 5 ways! 

 Critron, a crocheted version of Citron, worked up in Claudia Handpaints Laceweight. Happily I have some of that in my stash.

 I love this color block design.  You knit a garter center panel with one color.  Then pick up stitches along the length and knit a different color block, and so on.  Great way to enjoy all the colors of gorgeous Koigu or Claudia Handpaints.

 Cedar Leaf Shawlette in Madelinetosh yarn, color tart.

 This was lovely, I couldn’t find the name.  I’m thinking the knitter said that it was a personal design and she hadn’t written it up. 

 Gauss sweater in Berroco Linsey yarn, pattern booklet #319.

I liked the sweater better in person than how it appeared in the booklet.

 Only at an event centered around fiber arts would I boldly walk up to a total stranger and touch what they are wearing and after complimenting them, ask them what the pattern is.  I did this all the time during the convention. 

In this picture we are on line for the famous Jeni’s ice cream.  The girl wearing the sweater explained that the sweater was actually from Old Navy a few years ago and she hadn’t yet worked up a sample of it.  One of the women she was with and I are both analyzing the the stitches and trying to figure it out.  I think we even exchanged Ravelry names so that when she writes it up, I’ll know.

I admired this shawl only to find that it’s a solid version of Lazy Katy.  A pattern we did as a store Knit-a-long last fall. 

 I loved Lucy Neatby’s scarves using the double knitting technique.  This pattern is called String of Pearls.

 This shawl is called Bashful Butterflys.  The knitter used several different colorways of yarn that shaded into each other.

 We loved the cabled sweaters in the Bergere booth and ordered yarn for both.  This ‘Irish Knit Sweater’ was knit in pur merinos français. 

 I love this cardigan! 

 It’s from the Bergere Spring Summer Collection Knit Mag #161, Shaw Collared Jacket in Bergereine.

So many wonderful things to make, so little time.