Take Two~(Last) Wednesday’s Stitch and Chat

Diane had a major knitting catastrophie that need serious intervention.  She didn’t like how the sleeve seam weaving looked.  She cut (it’s ok to cringe) the fabric thinking she was cutting the seaming yarn.  Unfortunately as she picked around to clean it up, more and more stitches began to unravel. 

It was scary!  I teased that I felt like I should put a cloth around the area to keep it sterile.  As I picked out the cut strands, I captured any live stitches and put them on needles.

 It turned out that when she cut the fabric, she actually cut into the front of the body of the bunting.  I was able to count off the stitches that belonged to the sleeve and separate them from the front stitches.

 I grafted the live stitches on the front and back around the sleeve stitches.  We were both majorly relieved and pleased with the result.  The moral of the story, scissors are a no-no.

 On a lighter note, Lois’ Seaweed Scarf.

 Michelle was begging to be done with her Linen Scarf.  Since she had more than enough yarn left (and it was still shy of the 5″ mark) we gently encouraged her to knit another repeat of the color sequence. 

This class has been so popular at Westport Yarns that I have added a third class.  There are still a couple of spaces available in the August Linen Stitch Class.

Tada!  Linda finished one of the sleeves and we were all “wowed” by how great the Seedling variegated color block looks.  She’s adding a couple of rows on the bottom before finishing with the main color. 

Linda shared one of her epiphanies with us. Not only are we great knitters and great philosophers, we are great mathmaticians as well.  This enlightenment came after calculating the yardage of her main color yarn and maximizing what little she had left.