It’s Out of the Bag

Before starting the Seaweed Scarf in Luxury Handpaint Silk. Lois was beginning to lose that loving feeling for not only the Gypsy Tank, but knitting altogether.  The Gypsy Tank has reached the point where it is endless circular stockinette that never seems to grow longer. Starting a project with a shiny, smooth, and colorful yarn has restored her love of the craft. 

Diane finished the body of her Top Down Baby Bunting.  She wanted help with picking up stitches evenly along the neck and back for the hood and getting the sleeve stitches onto double pointed needles.  Those are two areas that catch her up short.  She’ll probably be ready to kitchener the hood closed next week and sew on the buttons.

In an effort to keep her sweater from getting tangled up as she worked on the sleeves (she has the body on waste yarn to make sure she has enough yarn for the sleeves) she secured it in a Stew’s shopping bag. The only part that is accessible is the sleeve.

This was a very creative solution and we think she may be onto something.  In fact, we like that it’s in a Stew Leonard’s bag and think she should take it to Stews and show them yet another way to reuse their bags.

And now it’s out of the bag, literally and figuratively.  She was afraid she had done something really wrong and prepared herself by repeating the mantra “it’s good to rip, it’s good to rip”.  She had dropped a few stitches which were easily repairable.

Linda is rocking her Top Down Sweater.   The contrast color she’s added on the sleeve is awesome!  I am totally inspired to knit this sweater.  I’ve had stash yarn for it for years.  I love how it’s coming out.

We all like how it looked as a 3/4 sleeve.  She’s going to knit another inch of the contrast color and then an inch of the solid and then bind off.  Similarly she’ll add a couple of rows to the bottom of the sweater before finally binding off.

Kerri was on the last ruffle section.  She is in a race to the finish.  The baby was born last week and she really wants to get this sent out.  When she left she had 5 more rows, binding off, and weaving in her ends.  Then a giant sigh of relief and a new project?!

 Marjolijn started her personal design of a much loved sweater.  The stitch looks great in the yarn.  The sweater has vents on the side.  When the vents are approximately 4″ she’ll join in the round.  We need to come up with a name for the sweater design.