What’s on my hooks and needles.

The past few days have been so beautiful, I’ve been sitting outside knitting.  There were no dog related yarn dramas this weekend.

I finished a second Summer Flies Shawl, this one in the Misti Alpaca Pima Silk Hand Paint.  I love this one, what a gorgeous yarn to work to with. The first one was a store sample in Pagewood Verano shades of green.   I’m very happy with how it came out.  I added a an extra repeat of one of the pattern stitches to make it a little bigger.  A knitter on Ravelry wrote up an addendum to the pattern to make it longer.

 I knit the Galaxy Capelet in Kollage Milky Whey yarn. This yarn is 50% Milk – 50% Soy, really!  It’s incredibly soft and blocks out beautifully.  I would totally knit with this yarn again. It’s very drapey.

 Earlier this spring I designed a vest in Tahki Ripple, 100% cotton. It’s still in the testing phase.

 I really need to take time planning my photo “shoots” instead of doing them on the fly. 

This is a fun yarn with an interesting texture. There’s no reason to do anything but stockinette or garter and the resulting fabric is really cool.  

Babette is going to be an ongoing project.  I’m crocheting it with assorted colors of Koigu and Claudia Hand Paints yarn.  Mostly I’m using left over bits since I don’t throw anything away. It’s set up in sections. To keep it manageable I’m weaving in ends and blocking/sewing each section as I complete them. This is my happy project.  Putting all the colors together is fun.

Right now I’m working Wingspan in Zauberball for a store sample. This color is actually much more wine colored than it appears in the picture.

This is an incredibly popular pattern on Ravelry and I decided to play along.  Knit all in garter with short rows, it creates a really cool shaded affect.  Click here to see other Wingspan projects knit with Zauberball.

I feel the need to make a garment coming on.  I’m considering knitting Cinnie a lace cardigan knit sideways, then top down in Bambool.  It looks very entertaining.

I’ll leave you with one more strange puppy picture.  No, he did not slide off the pillow in his sleep.  This is how he set himself up.  Strange but true.