Full House

Ana finished the back of her son’s sweater. Bergere de France Men’s V-Neck sweater, #7, and she is knitting it with Mirasol Hacho.  The pattern book is called Tricot Essentials Knitting Pattern Book 150.  She contends that this yarn camouflages a myriad of sins.

 Diane split for the armholes on her baby bunting. The cable is knitting up beautifully.

 Robin was back after a hiatus; it was good to see her. She hasn’t been knitting for a while (sacrilege, if you ask me).  She picked up working on this baby blanket, Heirloom Baby Blanket. This was one of the first pattern she ever knit.

 She pulled the Trendsetter Bodega yarn out of her bag and needed a refresher on how to work it.  After a few minutes she came to the realization that she really didn’t like working with it.  Life is too short to knit with something you don’t like.  Bodega yarn anyone?  She handed it over to me.  Stash reduction, you know it’s like mish mash night (at our house) when we eat leftovers.

Kerry joined us today.  She’s been working on this Eyelet Baby Blanket.  It just became a little more pressing, the baby was born this week.  She has to knit the side ruffle panels.  This is one of my favorite baby blanket patterns.  Simple and pretty.

Michelle is having a dickens of a time with the Curlicue Coverlet blanket. She’s been off one stitch or row and is chasing it backwards.  She had completed 10 out of the 15 sections and is now back to section 2.  I suggested she put a lifeline in at the end of each section that she know is correct to prevent this from happening again.

Elizabeth was revisiting the Vintage Pink Cardigan. She read the comments left by other knitters who felt the neckline was too high.  We discussed ways to mitigate that when she gets up to the neck shaping.

Time for a random puppy picture.  He’s trying to look really cute to entice our lab to play with him.  It didn’t work, Boris knows better.