The Knit Doctor is In.

 During the weekend, Nancy made it very clear that before I left I had to help her with 2 projects.  She was stuck and wanted to finish them and cross them off her list. I’m always happy to help, even more so when plied with fresh, homemade chocolate chip scones.  It’s alright, you can be jealous of fresh hot scones out of the oven.  I almost stayed through lunch to see what I could help her with – there were serious leveraging opportunities.

The first project was Lintilla in Oak Grove Studio Pearl Sox.  She was at the very end, I just forgot to snap a picture.  She started by saying that she didn’t know where she left off or what the problem was.  That put me at a slight disadvantage.  After she read the pattern again, things clicked and she had no idea why she stopped in the first place.  I totally get that.  Sometimes I think we get clarity just by walking away for a while.  She paid me the very nice compliment that it was because I was sitting there.  Insert “Awwww” here.  😉 


Lazy Katy, the last Westport Yarns knit-a-long.  Nancy gets sucked into invited to join the knit-a-longs at the shop.  This time I shared stash yarn with her (Noro Silk Garden sock).  You may be wondering how I shared stash yarn.  By action if she knits with it, it’s gone.  No, she didn’t have to unravel it and give the yarn back (although that’s a funny thought and a total sibling type move). 

There was over half a skein left.  She finished binding off the last stitch practically as I was out the door.  You see, if she finished and gave me the yarn back it, it was like landing a double word score in scrabble.  Not only did she finish a project, she did away with any leftovers.

 As I was packing up I found another use for my knitting. 

Wrapping up breakables to protect them during travel.  I filled the inside with balls of yarn and wrapped a project around.  Well done if I do say so myself.