If It’s Friday, It must be Boston.

Recently I listened to Jenny Lawson’s (aka, The Bloggess) book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”, a mostly true memoir.  It was absolutely hysterical.  Listening to her read her book was priceless.  Within quick succession of finishing the book my girls and sister began to read and/or listen to the book.  You could say we are addicted to her sense of humor and her perspective of life experiences.  I really enjoy the spin she puts on life.

I was first introduced to the world of Jenny Lawson when my sister sent me this post from her blog. From her blog, I learned that she was scheduled to be in Brookline, Ma for a book reading/signing.  It was a whirlwind decision to attend. G and I were totally game.  My sister jumped through hoops to clear her schedule.

There are a lot of critters mentioned her book and I decided on a whim to crochet her a scorpion. You have to love Ravelry, I found a pattern for one.  I knew there would be.  Given that I rarely do anything ahead of time, it won’t surprise you to learn that I finished the scorpion on the drive to Boston.

I also finished my capelet on the drive too.  Good thing it’s a 3 hour drive.  G and I listened to our some of our favorite passages from the book en route.

The book signing was held at the Brookline Booksmith a good, old fashioned, independent book store.  It was delightful.  By the time we got there the downstairs room where the book signing was being held was full to capacity with people spilling up the stairs.  When we learned that the book reading was going to be piped through the whole store, we moved from the never-never land spot at the top of the stairs to begin the line for the book signing. 

 Of course we had our knitting. 
I was working on another capelet.

Nancy brought Color Affection to knit. Not exactly portable, but she made it work. 

 We met another knitter/spinner on line 
who sadly didn’t have her knitting.

 We had a great time with the people that were on line around us. These four ladies were from Cape Cod.  The woman on the left was wearing a fox stole.  The bad news is that it’s tail fell apart.  The good news is that each of her friends got a little fox “tribble”.

Initially I was disappointed not to be in front of her for the book signing.  However, we were only about a dozen people back in line for the book signing and that turned out to be a real boon.

After her reading, the line for the book signing literally wound through the store. We would have been on line for hours if we had been front row to the book reading.

We were this close to the beginning of the line and so excited to meet her!

Jenny was great!  She liked my scorpion gift.  There are not too many opportunities in life to give/receive a scorpion gift.  The monkey on the table is Copernicus, the homicidal monkey.  Don’t ask me, this was the first I learned of him.  Here is his Facebook page

I didn’t realize till we got home that she mentioned it when signing my book.  That was awesome.

 G noticed a card with a lobster on.  I we realized that there is a certain similarity between scorpions and lobsters; distant cousins maybe? 

In case you couldn’t see Nancy’s t-shirt.  It was the cause of great bonding with the people on line around us.

All in all, a great night.