You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.

There is no greater joy for a teacher than seeing someone joyfully succeed in what they are doing.

Linda is positively glowing with the fun she is having knitting this Top Down Sweater.  She has reached the bottom of the sweater where she is knitting evenly until she reaches the length she wants.  Knitting goals and milestones can be very different from person to person.  For Linda, the ability to enjoy a tv show and simultaneously know where she is in knitting her sweater from a tactile standpoint and be error-free was such a milestone. 

Jess finished crocheting the squares for her Babette blanket and learned how to crochet the squares together.  She’ll probably work a round or two of a border when she’s done.  She is using Cascade 220 superwash yarn.

Lois forgot her silk shawl project and was forced to work on her never-ending green sweater.  Probably a good thing.

Elizabeth was finishing up a sample for Westport Yarns, the Lazio tank from Berroco in Captiva ribbon yarn.