Jingle, Jangle, Bangles

Over the Memorial Day weekend I decided to play around with bangles.  I had three bangles at home to work with.  For the pink bracelets I used leftover Artyarns beaded silk and mohair.  For the bigger bangle I followed one of the stitch patterns from the Covered Bangles pattern.  For the smaller bangle I simple wrapped the yarn tightly around the bangle and and chain slipped a stitch with a crochet hook.

For the multicolor bangle, I used left over Great Adirondack yarn.  I don’t remember the name.  I did the same thing, chain slipped a stitch with a crochet hook.

All the bangles were quick, easy, and fun.  I definitely want to pick up more bangles.  It’s a great way to used leftover yarn.  They can become matching accessories to whatever they are leftover from or gifts.  The bangles themselves are inexpensive plastic bangles that can be found at craft store, Walmart, Target, etc.

I found another pattern, Odd Ends, for a knitted bracelet that wraps around your wrist and is secured with buttons. The yarn is Prism Manhattan.  As my mother would say, these bracelets are “kicky”.

Incidentally, the pattern is written by Carina Spencer, the woman who designed the Catkin Shawl.  I definitely like this woman’s style and pattern writing.