Together in Unity

 Diane is knitting a top down baby bunting.  There were several techniques that she wanted to go over.  We practiced make 1 left, make 1 right, and make 1 purl.

 There were also instructions for a one-row button-hole that needed further clarification.  Here is a link to a youtube video.  It makes a really good, reinforced button-hole. 

 Lois made great headway in her Seaweed Scarf in Luxury Handpaint Silk.The yarn felt wonderful.

 Marjolijn joined us today.  We knew eachother from the days when I worked at Knit Together.  She has an old, much loved Eileen Fisher sweater that she wanted to recreate.

 This is a close up of the pattern stitch of her sweater.
 She swatched different variations of k1p1 ribbing with slipped stitches.  We didn’t figure out how to copy the stitch exactly, but she found an interesting stitch nonetheless.  The stitch pattern was from the 365 stitches perpetual calendar.  Several needle sizes later she had gauge (the uppermost pattern). After she swatched with the shifting k1p1, she found a stitch called the Medallion stitch that closely resembled the sweater pattern stitch.  It was also more involved and she liked the stitch she foun.
 Elizabeth swatched for the Brioche Rib Cardigan

 in yarn she bought at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival from Creatively Dyed Yarns.

Linda is delightedly knitting on her top down v-neck sweater. She’s working on the body shaping. 

As always, Linda raised a thought-provoking question. 

Do otherwise ‘proficient’ knitters have trouble deciphering patterns?  This brought a resounding yes from one and all.  Whether you skip words, add words, read what you think it says, or knit what you think it means, it happens to all knitters of all skill levels.  This is what I refer to as selective reading, call it a knitter’s achilles heel.

This segued into the camaraderie a knitter/crocheter feels while in the company of other knitters/crocheters.  This is never more apparent than when you make a mistake, sigh, and immediately receive heartfelt empathy from your  friends.