Tying Up Loose Ends

I was at loose ends today with what to knit~ projects for store samples and designs or “playtime” knitting. I guess you could call it work versus play. In relating this to my sister, she first asked which I felt more like doing. “Both” was my answer. Then she asked me what I was working on. After hearing what was on my hooks and needles, she suggested I write a list. Either that, or she would write the list. I guess she felt cataloging what I was up to would (or could) be helpful. Here is my list:

Babette blanket.  This is a long term project with no real time frame.  It stems from a class at Westport Yarns.  I did decide to block and sew each section as I complete them.  I think I’ll enjoy working on it this way.  The color-play is inspiring and I can create squares that work well near each other.

Easy-fitting Vest. This project was extremely satisfying. First of all it came from my stash.  Second, it worked up in a week because the gauge was bulky (you are holding two yarns together).
The Linen Stitch scarf is going along nicely.  
I filled my second class at the shop.  
We may add a third session!  It’s that much fun.
I’m passed the halfway mark on the Forest Sprite Vest in Pediwick.
Then there are the three amigos.  I’ve been playing with a pattern stitch for single skeins of awesome ribbon yarns.  It’s like they are in a race to see which one gets completed first.

When I took this picture I was leaning toward the shawl on the right.  Now that I’ve had a day to think about it, I’m going to make the capelet.  The yarn is from Kollage, Milky Whey.

So that’s my list.  I don’t feel much better off.  It’s time for some knitting time management.  Maybe there is an “app” for that.  What would you search for?  The capelet might qualify for holiday weekend knitting.