Master, I do not think this plan was well thought out.

As I mentioned earlier, Mary, Michelle and I are going to share three different colors of Tahki Crystal yarn and knit jewelry. The color I’m using is #15.  The “yarn” has a silver cast to it and the sequins are a dark blue.

The pattern for the Adele Triple-Strand Necklace calls for a knitted cast on.  I dutifully did as directed, however, I didn’t like the result.  The loops were inconsistent in size.  I thought it looked kind of sloppy and decided to use the long-tail cast on.  Mind you, I didn’t attempt to redo the knitting cast on by focusing on stitch consistency,

I ever so carefully wound it into a center pull ball so I would have two ends with which to cast on, rather than estimating the yardage for 240 stitches.  Afer I did the first strand of the necklace it became clear to me why the pattern used a knitted cast on.  You are binding off one strand and casting on enough stitches for the next strand.  This meant that for the next two strands I had to retie the yarn to use the long-tail cast on to keep the necklace looking consistent.

This whole production reminded me of the line from Meet the Robinsons:

Ends woven in, I pinned it out and
sprayed it with water.
It sat a little jumbled when I put it on. 

So I thought about what I could do to it to make it lay flatter.  HAIR SPRAY was the brilliant idea that popped into my head.  Look at all the things the hair spray promises, everything I wanted it to do.

If this doesn’t work out, we will not talk of the hair spray idea again.

Better.  May need more hair spray.  After all, it is a very humid, rainy day.  Even hair spray can only do so much.

I think I’m going to try this design again, but crocheted.